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Technology/Equipment with managing data inspection and print data. Good for risk base inspection (RBI) implementation and plant integrity management

Out UT Equipment features :

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

UT Thickness gauging

UT Flaw detector

MT/PT (Magnetic particle test / Dye penetrant test)

Visual inspection

We provide non destructive testing (NDT) service, support with qualified & certified inspector and latest

NDT Training Services

In training services, we provide training in customer workshop (In-house Training) or training that is conducted at PT. THEO TEKNIK SEJAHTERA Office with material training are :

NDT ASNT Level II Training ( Magnetic Particle test, dye penetrant test, ultrasonic test and radiography test, phased array ultrasonic test) Approval level III

Code acceptance criteria (ASME Sec VIII Div I, ASME B3 1.1, ASME B31.3, ASME Sec. I, and AWS D1.1)