PT. THEO Teknik Sejahtera

Technical Inspection, Testing Service & Support

provides consulting, qualification ndt & Etch for major of sectors including oil and gas, chemical, government

PT. THEO Teknik Sejahtera was formed in 2019 as

NDT (Non Destructive Test) will do the work as follows :

What Do NDT Ters Do?

Radiography Test Inspection

Ultrasonic Test Inspection

Ultrasonic Test Inspection

Thickness Painting Inspection

Radiography Interpreter

Liquid Penetrant Test Inspection

Borroscope Inspection

Certification Welder by Migas or Depnaker, WPS & PQR by Migas or Depnaker Treatment, PWHT/post Weld Heat treatment, Pre Heat Hardness measurement/testing hydrotest & vacuum test manpower supply :

Welding Inspector

Technician ( Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Radiography Interpreter. Ultrasonic technician, Etch)

(UT Phase Aeeay, TOFD, Eddy Current Array)


Phase array is the new inspection technique that have more capability as compared to Conventional NDT (UT, RT). It can happen because Phase Array have capability in probe modification in electronic where it’s probe consist of some element’s probe. Phased Array Presentation display : A,B,C and S scan with accurate sizing.

High speed scanning

Improved capability

Multiple angle inspection

Multiple configuration

Flexible in geometry

Project Experience